Oriental room

On the ground floor of one of the living houses, a stylized Oriental room is placed – a tribute to a certain mutual influence of Eastern, Persian culture and the development of Karabakhian Armenians. The interior takes the visitor to the Eastern fairy tale – embroidered brocade pillows, low couches, carpets on the walls, mysterious light of oil lamps and candles – everything is styled with traditional public views about the cultures and traditions of the East. The indigenously Eastern procedure of hookah smoking will help to dive into the mysterious world full of bliss and enjoyment, which breaking the boundaries of the Islamic world has become extremely popular in many countries. The cooled tobacco smoke, flavoured with a variety of additions, delights the soul and offers a pleasant rest in the circle of friends and associates. The combination of Karabakhian sweets and Eastern sorbet (sour-sweet cool drink) from herbs, gathered from the valleys in the vicinity of the village, will bring delight the sweet tooths. Here one can relax, feel like a ruler, dive into the world of the mysterious East.