Horse trekking

Horseback riding is no longer the privilege of pompous European aristocrats, but a quite affordable pastime. The House-Museum of Nikol Duman as one of the types of active recreation offers you to ride on horses and donkeys at will.  It’s just worth to sit in the saddle, and you will feel complete unity with nature.

The grace of these noble animals is simply mesmerising. Animals understand the rider, literally “reading” his thoughts. These are very intelligent animals, and not for nothing our ancestors treated them with such love and trepidation.

Horse riding is a kind of hippotherapy, a way to relax and enjoy all the beauty of nature. Romance horse riding and its healing effect have repeatedly confirmed the idea that the horses are physicians. Not only the ailments of the body they are able to heal, but also help to find inner balance.

For children, there is an opportunity to ride on ponies and donkeys. For better familiarity with animals you can take with you and feed them with carrots or apples, this will delight your gadabout. The riding on donkeys is one of the traditional and most popular types of recreation in Karabakh, if you believe the legend, after that, “the fate will be located to you.”

You can book a walk with accompaniment and training, in the outskirts of the village of Tsakhkashat, through the forest to the springs, along with the ruins of the ancient village of Vaka. If you have not sat in the saddle before or have the insufficient experience of a rider, our instructors will help you. They will give you the first lessons of riding, teach you how to communicate with the horse and will accompany you during your walks.

Please note that you can also order a horse ride as a gift to someone for a birthday or betrothal.