Hall of Nikol Duman

Nikol Duman’s hall occupies the first floor of the House-Museum. Exhibits and stands describing the life and activity of an outstanding figure of the Armenian nation’s national liberation movement are situated here. Five photo-stands give the visitors a visual representation about the main stages of his life. The following thematic photo stands are presented in the hall: battle near the monastery of Derik (1894), battle in the field of Khanasor (1897), military expeditions to Western Armenia, Armenian-Tatar clashes in South Caucasus (1905-1906) and the participation of Armenians in the Persian Revolution (1911). Of particular interest is the showcase where instances of bladed weapons and gun barrels of the late 19th century are demonstrated found during renovation work in the attic and wall stashes. Bandolier with bullets for the rifle with system Mosin, restored instance of the rifle Mosin, daggers with scabbard, which were used during close combat, wooden holster for Mauser, pistol Nagan, marching mugs and other items related to the life of fidayis.