Ethnographic shows

Ethno village, of course, assumes carrying out of ethnographic presentations, traditional riding on donkeys, after which ”fate will be won over to you”, according to legend, solidly rooted in us. Locals dressed in traditional national clothes will kindle tonir (ancient Armenian stove in the ground, with edges covered with clay, at the bottom of which ignites the fire) for baking bread, show the process of mixing dough, dividing of it into flat cakes in your presence. Guests, of course, will be offered to take part in the whole process. Master classes about the baking of traditional Zhengyalov Hats are held here as well. The locals will explain and show the varieties of local greenery included in the preparation of its stuffing, they will show the secrets of cooking. And, naturally, everybody will try friendly the baked cake with red local wine. In addition, one more colorful show is waiting for the guests ”beating down the wool”. First, the wool lay out on a pre-bed-cloth and then beat down with rod from wild filbert. They can also demonstrate the process of sewing and knitting.