Ethnographic Quarter

Ethnographic quarter at the Nikol Duman House-Museum is the only restored on the entire territory of Karabakh. The main task of the organisers of the memorial museum was a complete and accurate reconstruction of the Karabakhian family’s everyday life of the late 19th century.

The visitors of the museum, breaking away from the modernity, totally immerse into the world and everyday life of Karabakhians of that time. The organic continuation of the Nikol Duman House-Museum is the ethnographic quarter – streets and a number of residential houses of the 19th century restored with great care. On the first floors of one of them, maran-wine cellar is situated, equipped in a traditional style, as well as a souvenir shop, where one can buy souvenirs on the Karabakh theme. At the end of the ethnographic quarter, the house of another hero of the Armenian nation’s national liberation movement Hanasori Vardan was also found by researchers, which was restored in 2007.