The art of coinage is known in Armenia from ancient times. The very first Armenian coins are copper coins during the reign of kings Sophene (Tsopk) dating from the second half of the 3rd century BC. They have survived in single copies. Until now, the art of coinage is developing in Armenia.

A coin mintage point is opened in the House-Museum of Nikol Duman, where the guests can try to mint a coin for memory with the image of the House-Museum and Nikol Duman. The process of making souvenir coin is very simple: a special machine is used for minting coins, caulking hammer, and blanks for future products. A coining die is located inside the machine with the image you want. Under that stamp, the blank for coins is placed. After that, the guest holds in his hands a caulking hammer and hits strongly on it. As a result of such simple manipulations, the long-awaited handmade souvenir coin emerges.