Since ancient times Armenians cooked in tonirs (in Karabakh it is also called turun). Tonir – cylindrical oven dug in the ground, the walls of which are plastered with special composition. Tonir carried out a number of functions in everyday life of the Armenians: They cooked there and heated their homes with its help. In the settlements where there were no church buildings, priests had the right to carry out the wedding ceremony in front of the tonir. It was believed that during baking bread Armenian women bowed to the sun bending over tonir.

Traditionally bread was baked in tonir, however, it was used for cooking as well. There prepared not only barbeque and baked vegetables, but also stew Kurkut – a traditional Karabakhian dish.

The visitors of ethno quarter can participate in the ceremony of bread baking as well. Women dressed in traditional costumes will show how to knead the dough, spread it out on a special board – tesht, to make a cake, how to put the cake into tonir with a special scapula, how to attach it to the wall of tonir and after 10-15 minutes the fragrant bread with crispy crust is already possible to try (by tradition) with cheese and greens.