Arts and crafts

Souvenir shop in the territory of the Nikol Duman House-Museum will amaze even the most discerning customers with its variety. The guests who visit the House-Museum of Nikol Duman have an opportunity to choose not only a usual magnet, but also a unique handmade souvenir the majority of which is made by villagers. The connoisseurs of ethnic souvenirs will like the traditional handmade carpets made of natural materials with bright ornaments, dolls in folk style, luck and wealth bringing amulets and other handicrafts, as well as books, brochures, stamps and postcards, and that’s not the whole list of goods sold in the souvenir shop. Apart from the purely souvenir production a variety of jams, dried fruits, wines in the gift box are sold. Everyone can find something for the memory in the souvenir shop of the Nikol Duman House-Museum.