Utility Room

In the terrain adjacent to the building of House-Museum the traditional utility room of Karabakh dwelling of the late 19th century is located. Wooden churn, tambour, pitcher-large jug for wine storage, details of carpet-weaving machine, barns for storing grain, grinder, hand mill-quern are exposed here. Real exhibits collected here give the visitors a complete view about the utility activity of the Karabakhian family of that period. The stone step, leading to the terrain with half-erased Arabic inscription of unknown origin and unstated dating, presents curiosity.

An ancient cross stone is installed at the entrance of the utility room found in the yard of one of the houses. According to the tradition, in the communist era, during the demolition of the village church in the 30s of the 20th century, believers saved the cross-stones from destruction hiding some of them in the yards of their houses with a great risk.